In Home Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork 

Visan Massage & Bodywork  provides both opportunity and convenience by allowing you to fit therapeutic bodywork into your busy schedule, without the added planning and preparation of travel time, and hassle of finding parking, and/or contending with inclement weather. Nickole brings her unique healing environment right to you, in the comfort of your own home. Ever feel so relaxed and floaty after receiving a massage that you could drift off to sleep? Well, with In Home Therapeutics by Visan Massage & Bodywork you can transition into you comfy clothes, brew a cup of chamomile tea and slip on off to dreamland. 

Nickole's aim is to leave you feeling refreshed and calm, fully rejuvenated, and ready to meet life anew. In Home Therapeutic Massage is effective in relieving stress and help break patterns of nervous tension. It's always easier, clients tell me they are more able to relax when receiving massage and bodywork at home. 

In home treatments often include a combination of the following elements and/or modalities: 

  • Relaxing Swedish
  • Deep Tissue/Sport 
  • Reflexology
  • Myofascial Release
  • Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques 
  • Dermo Neuro Modulation 
  • Gentle Stretching/Traction
  • Targeted Therapeutic Procussion

In Home Therapeutic Service

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60 Minute Custom Therapeutic 

Designed to offer the most in comfort and ease of making massage & bodywork a part of your self-care regime. In home sessions include essential oils, topical pain relief applications to areas of overuse or tension, targeted percussion tools, and music. Your home will morph into your own private studio!

1 Hour- $105.00

90 Minute Custom Therapeutic 

What could better than an hour in your own private home massage studio? That’s right! 90 uninterrupted minutes of targeted attention to those areas of tension and holding. Relax and allow Nickole to transport your body, mind, psyche to place of healing & peace.

1.5 Hour- $130.00

What Nickole's In Home Clients Say

I absolutely love Nickole. She loves what she does and it makes all the difference, especially in this line of work. She's able to read your body and find your problem areas so she's able to give you relief!

Amanda H.- Harrington, Delaware 


Special Event Bookings & Massage Parties 

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or holiday?

On-Site Special Event/Massage Parties

Providing mobile chair and table massage services for all occasions! 

Booking Your Event or Massage Party:

  • Massage Parties & Events are block booked for minimum of 3-hours and/or maximum of 5-hours. Your guest will decide the duration of their treatment sessions ( 60 or 90-minutes) to be skillfully delivered within the  hosts elected timeframe. 
  • Please contact Nickole 3-5 days prior to your Event or Party to secure your date, time, location, and any other details or requests to make your event truly out of this world! 

~Sample Events Include~

Weddings . Bridal Showers . Conference Chair . Trade Shows . Office Parties . Birthday Parties . Corporate Events . Retreats . Pool Parties . Marathon or Sporting Events . Baby Showers . Corporate Parties 

Earn A Free Massage

It is easy to earn a FREE Massage for yourself! Earn 15-minutes toward your next in-studio for each guest that: 

  • Books a massage
  • Books their own massage party
  • Purchases a gift-certificate 

Note: All Special Event & Massage Parties are priced similar to In-Home Therapeutics with a 10% discount applied to each session when booking 5 hour block. 

Therapeutic Massage At Your Next Event

Event Massage is an effective way of loosening everyone up and de-stressing your prime players, friends, and family! 

In fact, it has been my professional experience that those who've booked Massage Parties with me often end up hosting similar events year after year; or multiple special events. Making In Home Massage Parties a real tradition and a spectacular treat. 

Of course, you don't need a special reason to host a Massage Party for your friends or family. Simply, get everyone together by hosting a therapeutic gathering. Payment can be split between attendees or handled by the host. 

Payment Methods Accepted for Events & Parties

  • Credit Card
  • Cash & Check